To formulate a thesis you will either need to: a) take some time to brainstorm or b) begin drafting the body of your essay looking for possible leads that will trigger a tentative thesis. Brainstorming is a lengthy thinking process whereby you write down every single idea that comes to you regarding your essay topic, in a continuous fashion. You will later scrutinize what you have written and eliminate the ones that are least relevant or has the least potential. At the end of your brainstorming you should be able to formulate a ‘working thesis’ which you can improve as you begin writing your paper.

If you choose the option to begin drafting your essay, as you explore your subject and identify questions you would like to investigate, you will begin to see possible ways to focus your material which will lead to a tentative thesis that you can expand as you continue adding more information to your draft. You should collect and organize evidence, looking for possible relationships between known facts, and think about the significance of the relationships before developing an argument on any topic.

If you have chosen the brainstorming option, the next step is to begin drafting your essay based on the main source you are given to use. (Most essay assignments are usually to be based on a main source such as a text book used in the course). You will then need to look for other sources to substantiate what you are including in your essay. If you are given topics to choose from, you will want to choose the one that interests you the most. That way your interest and energy can be sustained throughout the entire essay writing process. Upon deciding on the topic for your essay, you will then need to locate an empirical or theoretical puzzle that needs more exploration.

Each paragraph following the introduction should be written in a fluent and flowing manner while staying on topic with the thesis. Each should flow from one to the next in a continuous conversational manner. The thoughts in the following paragraph must always have a connection to the thoughts in the previous paragraph, with an exception to the concluding paragraph, which should be restating and affirming the main aspects of your thesis.

A good essay should be focused on the question or main topic. All the relevant parts of the topic should be grasped so that a logical, fair and coherent argument is presented to the reader. It should be written in an objective and analytical way, while using appropriate illustration and/or evidence to substantiate the claims.

To begin with, for the introduction, my essay writer should write a thesis statement that will mark what you’re going to write about and this paragraph should give the background information. It should capture the reader’s attention. Subsequently the second part of the essay which contains the supporting content of your essay should be done in the paragraph format. Your focus should not derail from your main idea. Use of simple short and clear sentences is advised. Lastly your summarizing paragraph should give a brief overview on your general writing. These are all the key points that I will expect the custom writers to put into consideration when writing my essay.

All these points should help one write college essay online. However, why is essay writing still so frustrating? Well there is hope for all those who need help out there. Bejamin Fraklin said “You either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” This saying most of us will opt for the latter option but then again how many of us actually do something that is worth recognition, better yet a better question is how many recognize our worth the worth of our actions? Very few may be an appropriate answer.