Those who are unfortunate not to be recognized and do not understand the expositions of our tutors, and your frustrations worsened by the fact that the lecturer thereafter gives you a topic to write an essay about. You are always free to seek solace on tips offered by other supplementary sources or better yet, you can go back to your tutor for private extra lessons. The best option may just involve contacting college essay writing services and tell them, “write me an essay”.

To effectively write different types of essays, which seem to be a nerve racking affair, for most students, it becomes very stressful time in life given that essay writing has overtime become a critical subject to academic success. When writing my essay which has become a common assignment and requirement on college applications, I would consider choosing the correct type of essay to write in accordance with my writing. You cannot afford to be confused on your writing hence you should probably know the different categories of the essay in general so that you choose the appropriate one for your writing.


It is actually easy to get confused because the number or types of essays are many but to counter this, there are four broad types which are more manageable. Distinction of the types of essays is crucial as it defines the goals we want to achieve in our writing. When your essay tells us about, for example a personal experience, it will be categorized as a narrative type of essay. Does your essay describe something? Then we will call this a descriptive essay just as the name suggests. When trying to convince your audience or someone through your writing for them to accept your ideas then you will be writing a persuasive essay, hence you should build case using facts and logics. Lastly is the expository essay which should be an informative piece of work that presents a balanced analysis of your topic of choice.

These four broad essays should ease the maddening task of writing an essay because you now know what you’re writing about. When your tutor says next time “write me an essay about something?” when you consider the type of essay your writing this will be your first step in putting your ideas together.

To write my essay I need to make it a fun and easy process. So what can I do about it? There are tips I would consider and they include the help required for me to write my essay. This includes:

    • Research- adequate research should be done so as to get the required content, and the facts. Utilization of the library and internet academic databases will acquaint you with words of great thinkers.
    • Analysis of your key arguments is another important aspect when writing my essay so that I can have a good knowledge base.
    • Your thesis should be a stronghold in writing; choose your best idea that you are most comfortable writing about and remember it should be as clear as possible
    • Each and every one of you r paragraphs should be focused on a single idea to reduce confusion.
        Finally, a conclusion that is most preferable is one that is most graceful, is a wrap-up, perhaps a more memorable thought, a famous quote in line with your writing or what you want to call to attention. Logic twisting will most definitely attract my attention.